• Ethan

A Grate Day Out - First Slice

If you told me that we were opening tomorrow, I’d have known that it would have been a drastic learning curve, but I'd have figured we could probably have handled it. After meeting with another member of the pizza world yesterday, I can now tell you;

We would've been f**ked.

A speculative tweet a few weeks ago managed to get a great response from the twitterverse, and lead to a few different pizza enthusiasts getting in touch and offering us some experience. For those of you that follow our social media, you would have seen our field trip up Nottingham way, to the our first experience of work... experience… (Big head, limited vocab).

The Little Pizza Box is a company based around Nottinghamshire ran by a guy called Mark. We arrived about midday and were immediately greeted with a full 15 page start-up guide (which I’m currently going through as I write this), which was above and beyond the call of duty anyway, but it didn’t stop there. We had a chat about the pizza industry, where Mark trades, types of gig, prep times and general pizza nausing before we got to some work.

First things first: Pizza Shaping and Kneading

Mark threw 2 pieces of dough down