• Ethan

A Legend In The Baking

The Prolouge.

I've been playing professional rugby since 2010, and if Im honest with myself, Id say I’m close to halfway through my rugby career. It’s the best job I could have ever hoped for, but I’m not deluded enough to think it will last forever. Well, not professionally anyway (Wellingborough RFC I hope you’re ready for me once I hit 40). So, around March last year I sat having a coffee with a few friends, discussing post career options.

The Brain Trust

"What are we actually good at..."

The usual rugby player retirement dreams came out - coaching, punditry, after dinner speaker - the list goes on. We collectively realised pretty quickly that our skill sets were lacking for most of these areas, mostly due to not having any sort of craic, so we shifted our attentions elsewhere.

"Why not start a business?"

Yeah, sure! Why not start a business? Perfect. Simple, problem solved.

However, we didn’t have an idea. We knew that our little brain trust had an above average knowledge of was rugby. Sort of...kinda...maybe...but regardless, we ran with it. A website/app that would cover all local rugby needs: kit, coaching drills, discounted basics from around the sporting world. Not a world beater by any stretch, but something to start from, right?

Well, no. Turns out that already exists, and frankly, its considerably better than our idea.