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Hi everyone. It's been a while.

Well. Covid-19 is a real kick in the balls isn’t it? It's a truly horrible disease that has shaken lives all over the world. And whilst the disruption its caused the economy has been well documented, it's hit small businesses especially hard. Our summer was supposed to be extremely busy with Slice Slice Baby. We were catering our first wedding, (I don’t mean the evening food, I’m talking the full 3 course wedding dinner) which was due to be a big challenge out of our little trailer, but it was one I’d prepped quite hard for. Thats gone belly up now, along with various festivals, wedding evenings and private parties we’d been booked for. We had big plans for expanding the business but losing all those gigs is a substantial revenue loss.

However, to quote Bear Grylls, “Improvise, adapt, overcome.”. Our COVID-19 back up plan is in action in the form of;

  1. Plenty of social media posts: recipes, tutorials, advice

  2. DIY Pizza packs

  3. Creating a food podcast

Our social media game has upped considerably. We’ve done a series on IGTV called “Isolation Pizza Party”, which takes you step by step through how we do our dough, and how you can recreate our delicious Neapolitan Style pizza at home in your conventional oven. We’ve also expanded our network so we have a variety of collaborations lined up for when the world decides to hakuna its tatas.

In addition to that, we’ve started selling DIY Neapolitan Style pizza packs to the people around Worcester. Our packs include our 24 hour proved dough, sauce, cheese, basil, parmesan, pepperoni and instructions on how to get the best results from just a frying pan and a normal grill. These have proved to be popular, with us selling out of our second batch in just 4 hours! I then deliver these (at a social distance) around Worcester. It's not quite going to make as much as our summer events would have, but hopefully it keeps us on the right trajectory for expansion.

Finally, I started a podcast called Need For Feed! I got a considerable amount of help from Niall Annett, who has also started an amazing rugby pod called “Wind Yer Nek In”. I think the cover note will explain my pod best, so here’s a little copy and paste job for you:

“Pro athletes have an interesting relationship with food. This series looks at current and ex-professional athletes who have decided to make food more than just a fuel. Sometimes a hobby, occasionally a business, every now and then a retirement plan, but always a passion. Hosted by professional rugby player and pizza business owner Ethan Waller of the Worcester Warriors, we take a look into the deep, delicious crossover of sport and food. A Slice Slice Baby UK Ltd. production”

Its been so much fun indulging my 3 greatest passions. Food, sport and hearing the sound of my own voice. Have a listen if you get a moment, its available on all podcast platforms, just search “Need For Feed” but you can access it on the website too, just click the blog tab and play it on there.

Thanks for your continued support as always.

Stay safe! All’t best.


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