• Ethan

Crust-om Renovations

I think a large part of the lack of blogging is probably down to a very limited amount of pizza puns I have left in my arsenal...


Been a while hasn't it? Bet you weren't wondering where we'd been. Bet you'd been enjoying the lack of pizza spam on your various social media apps. Bet you're reading this out of either politeness or sheer boredom. Luckily, being the self-indulgent human that I am, I'll happily accept both of those reasonings.

The reason that I decided to pop up on your 'gram/twitter with another piece of writing is two-fold:

1. We've actually got some developments!

2. I have a rather unhealthy amount of spare time today.

Basically, regular readers of this blog will have witnessed our slog of eventually doing up a horse trailer. It took considerably longer than planned, but ultimately, we were fairly proud of our work. It functioned as a pizza trailer. You ordered a pizza. The dough was stretched. The toppings were added. The pizza was cooked. The pizza was boxed. The pizza was (hopefully) enjoyed its the lucky recipient. On the surface, pretty spot on...(can you see where I'm headed with this?).

There may or may not have been a few issues...I'll try and illustrate as best as I can, using one photo.