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Gotta Be Smart With The Dough

(Dough, dough, get it? Fantastic.)

Idea: Check.

All essential equipment to start idea:Not check.

Thats an issue.


The question begs, where do we start? I suppose first and foremost, we have to decide what kind of “portable establishment” this is going to be. Having spent numerous hours on both eBay and Pinterest (other bidding and blogging sites are available) I have managed to narrow it down to 3 different approaches to this style of business, all conveniently presented in this list:

1. The Classic Horsebox Conversion

You see these at most food festivals these days, for good reason. They offer a large

amount of portable space for a pretty reasonable price, even more if you have the technical know-how to convert it yourself. Capacity for running water, fridges, ingredient storage, a space for a till, and of course, a built in pizza oven. Turns out, these features

pretty desirable in this industry, especially after having looked at the hoops you have to jump through when it comes to laws and regulations apparently. But that’s a story for another blog post. Plus, the other half of this organisation backs himself as a handyman. Useful. Onto the next option.

2. The "Deconstructed Pizza Trailer"

Now, this was the option that I was initially was going for. It essentially consists of buying a normal box trailer, a couple of smaller stand alone pizza ovens, a few tables, a fridge, a personalised gazebo, and a generator. More cost effective yes, but good lord it’s considerably more time consuming in terms of setting up etc. Not even mentioning the hassle for running water necessities (I would have included some media of this, but google was being extremely uncooperative at the time of writing. I back your imaginations to get what I'm on about).

3. The...uh...Oven On A Trailer?

I’ll work on the title.

But essentially this was another thing I came upon on eBay. It’s essentially a trailer purposefully built to hold a pizza oven, fairly self explanatory. Surprisingly though, it’s these that are top of the list price wise! Clocking in at the high end of 4 figures on average, but they’re pretty nifty, and I’m a sucker for a gimmick. I mean, who can say no to an ad like that? Glamorous and robust. Love it.


All in all, there’s pros and cons for every one of these options, but I think the logical choice is going to have to be the horse box. There’s a reason there’s quite a few around at the moment, and you know how it is, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Plus, being new to this, I think safe is probably best.

So, Phase 1: buy one.


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