• Ethan

Knead To Know - Planting The Seed

So, I suppose I may have jumped the gun slightly with this whole escapade. I don’t think I’ve given any context as to where the idea actually came from, so whilst we wait on the trailer to progress to a level worth writing about, why not actually add a backstory. I wanna make you feel something. Maybe you shed a tear. Maybe you buy a pizza from us in the future. Maybe then we don’t hunt you down and we can all be happy.

(I hear that threats work best).

Anywho, the idea seed was actually planted a few years back. As I mentioned in one of the previous blog posts (not sure which one, feel free to read them all again to find out), Papa Waller and I have been in a band together for the last 10 years.

We regularly do wedding gigs, and I remember a particular gig we had at this little farm. Hell of a setting I’ll be honest, but the piece de la resistance was without a doubt the spread. The quiche, vol-au-vents, chicken legs had all made a swift exit, and were replaced by mountains of sweets, and out back was a man in a van, dishing out pizzas like you’ve never seen. Honestly, the man was busier than a one-armed trombone player but he was creating some glorious eats.

As the band, we got the food included as part of the price (16 slices from this guy right here, legend), and I gotta say, it was damn good. Now with no offence intended, you wouldn’t look at this fella and say “yup, definitely a pizza chef”. He had the aesthetics of any man you’d find in your local country pub, nothing Italian about him as far a I could tell.