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Not going to pizza-round the bush; Part 1

Jheeeeez, its been a busy ride since the last blog. Let me fill you in.

So, last time we spoke, we'd had the trailer renovated. The new, more professional set-up meant that we could hit the ground running when it came to events. First up? The most interesting task of them all. Feeding 50 hungry Worcester Warriors, plus staff. For those of you not accustomed to the rugby world, there is no sight quite like a post training lunch. Imagine feeding time at the zoo, but you've got the gorillas, hippos, ostriches, hyenas, cheetahs, lions, tigers all in the same enclosure, with one food source. Disturbing imaging right? Fortunately for us, our club captain GJ Van-Velze, and club legend Ryan Bower, were both injured at the time and volunteered to get everything going whilst we were training. Cut a long story short, the boys somehow managed to keep everyone happy with some assistance from our Club chef Jerry, and I took some tips from them that day that we took into all our other events going forward.

Little more than a week later it was back to my first rugby club for a colts end of season dinner. Coincidentally it was also Al's first gig, which led to a comical first half an hour. We both trialled some movement patterns (its not the biggest of spaces) and after a few high speed collisions we took a bit of wisdom from GJ and Bowser. I stuck on the creation station (never called it that before but after having just typed it I bloody LOVE IT), and Al was chief pizza turner. It seemed like the best use of his talents. 50 odd pizzas on the night, a few business cards handed out, and one very happy former coach of mine. Another win.

Fast forward a few weeks, the season ended, which meant we both had a chunk of time off. With no gigs booked in that time, I decided it was a perfect opportunity to do a bit of market research.

By that I mean I went on holiday to Brussels and happened to come across a Neapolitan pizza place which was absolutely class. It was called Nona, and it had the fluffiest, chewiest, lightest dough, with some simple, but incredibly well done, toppings. They were also particularly tolerant of my incessant nausing over their entire setup. I swear if this ever takes off, and we end up opening our own restaurant, I will be following their example as closely as I can. An unreal establsihment. Just take a look at these photographs and tell me this gaff doesn't look next level.

(Feel free to ignore my horrendously staged first photograph. Its for the 'gram. You get it.)

For our final part of this segment, we'll tell you about our dabble at our first festival. Well, it was actually just an absolutely banging birthday party, but it was a mini festival for that purpose, so it counts! We had been lucky enough to have our services requested for this weekend back in November, so we'd had plenty of time to prep. Unfortunately, Al had selfishly booked his wedding for the weekend before, and subsequently the honeymoon fell on this weekend, so I had to call on some back-up. My old mate Tom Kessel (former S/H at Saints, now at Coventry), is luckily a partner in our newest venture, and was her majesty the keen to lend a helping hand. He arrived on the day with both powerful enthusiasm and a tireless work ethic, and was worth his weight in gold. We had a slow start, as most events tend to, but by the time we hit the second band, we didn't stop until we sold out. Bar a need for a fan in that trailer, the day was a roaring success and gave us every confidence moving on to our final few gigs of June/July. Enjoy a few more pictures, and keep your eyes peeled for part 2.

Cheers, all't best



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