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Papa-roni To The Rescue

I am going to run out of title puns extremely quickly.

PHASE 1 - Complete!

Horse trailer - purchased.

The ball is officially rolling. We decided on the horse trailer idea, and quickly realised that neither of us have the slightest clue on what features we should be looking out for to justify a trailer as ideal for this venture. Luckily our old man did.

Our Dad has been working in the music business as a hobby for close to 50 years. He’s had his fair share of lugging stuff around, in fact, some of my earliest memories are to do with him loading and unloading this trailer full of musical goodies. He had this one trailer for the the best part of 20 years, towing god knows how much gigging gear all over the country every other weekend, it owed him nothing (plus, he also tells us he sold it for nearly twice what he originally paid for it, but there’s a high chance he’s added a bit of spice to that story). In our eyes that meant he was the best qualified person for picking it out.

Heres our Dad (Andy) doing his best Hank Marvin impression. Nailed it.

I digress. I went to visit the old boy over the weekend and started showing him some pre-converted pizza trailers, but was met with a consecutive string of “Why. We could do that. That ones barely had anything done to it. That one will DEFINITELY set on fire.”, so on and so forth.

To be fair, doing it ourselves does give us the opportunity to be in control, and make it in our own image, which I’m not against whatsoever. With Al being a mega wood nause, I imagine he’ll be quite handy. Which just leaves me to come up with a logo and do the behind the scenes jobs.

Will I get roped into the manual graft?

More than likely, but as my brother will tell you, I am one of the most cack handed individuals you will ever meet when it comes to practicality. Honestly, you’d find more use for an underwater cigarette lighter. But, if I’m told EXACTLY what to do and the EXACT steps, I’m 90% sure I won’t cock it up. (No promises).


Now that we had found a more than suitable vessel, we made the transaction and were on our way. I have to say though, I was kind of disappointed payment was done via PayPal. I was sort of looking forward to a mafia style briefcase swap over before I realised that:

  1. It wasn’t really enough cash to warrant a briefcase.

  2. The pick up was just outside of Essex, which was the best part of 3 hours from my house (and I don’t have a tow bar on my car.)

*ring ring* “Ummm Dad? Little help?”

Luckily, being the hero he is, he managed to head down and grab the trailer on a Sunday morning. A 3 hour round trip later and here is the magnificent beast we are left with. Work commences ASAP.

Dad if you're reading this, I owe you a beer.


(Sadly nowhere near as gruesome as it sounds.)


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