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There's Mushroom For Improvement

(Not my finest work)

Turns out buying the trailer was the easy part. Who would have guessed?

Papa Waller is currently playing storage master with the trailer, so any manual labour that I want to be a part of requires me going home (you mean I can’t do it every week? Grrr. Damn. Shame). Luckily enough, I managed to get back to Northampton last weekend and got to give that majestic vessel a once over. You know, see if there were any basics that needed replacing, any rotten wood, rusty screws, corroded metal etc. with my brother and Dad. Having had a good look at it before I bought it (like the intelligent, forward thinking adult I am), I knew there wasn’t much that needed doing.

*BUZZ* “Is the answer things that aren’t true?”


So it wasn’t quite as ideal as first thought. When you get something relatively cheaply, you should probably assume as much. I mean, it’s structurally sound. The frame is top notch, roof definitely covers it, minimal leakage, the sides are - well, I’ll spare you the details and just tell you what’s screwed in need of improvement;

  1. Floor

  2. Variety of screws and bolts (apparently pretty crucial)

  3. Side panels could do with some assistance. 

It’s a good thing my brother and I specialise in grunt work. I may not be great at building stuff, but if there’s one thing I can certainly do, it’s break stuff. Quite a desirable skill in the destruction business apparently. Finally, everything’s coming up Beef. 

The work commences.

 To be fair, we were surprisingly efficient. We managed to get everything more or less completed within 3 hours. We anticipated it being a full day job however, so didn’t actually have any materials to do anything else even remotely productive (those forward thinking adult skills coming into the spotlight again). 3 hours is enough though. all working days should be that long. 

The work only gets harder from here though! The manual graft gets increasingly intricate, which means my involvement gets less and less. I’ll make up for it on the social media side of things. Mentally prep yourself for an onslaught of tweets and Instagram posts.

I’m coming in hot. 


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