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Where-a Ya Been-a The PASSATA Few-a Months-a

Good gravy, the old pun reservoir is dangerously LOW

Hi everyone.

It's been a while huh? Shall we pick up from where we left off? I think the last time we "spoke", I had just done the first taster day, with some half decent reviews. That was in April, and its now...July. Jheez. We really should have got more done. Don't get me wrong, we have done some things, just, probably should have done a tad more.


  • Put a floor in the trailer.

  • Put the work tables in.

  • Fitted 2 sinks

  • Varnished the wood.

  • Put in a blackboard section.

  • Perfected our dough recipie

  • Perfected our sauce recipie

  • Finalised our menu.

  • Had a practice gig.

  • Ordered a butt-ton of pizza boxes.

  • Organised signs being put on the trailer.

  • Penciled in our towing tests.

  • Applied for licences.

  • Eaten close to a metric ton in pizza.

When you put it in bullet points, I guess its not that bad. Especially considering I had an operation on my shoulder, which left me more useless than my normal cack handed ways. My brother has also been technically homeless for a month as he moved house and had to live with the in-laws, rendering his workshop capabilities non-existent.

The Trailer needs a name! Comment your suggestions down below!

The actual fitting of all the various trailer gimmicks wasn't particularly hard. All thats left to do with it now is to get a proper piston to keep the hatch open (I love the large stick method, but its frowned upon by health and safety), and get the oven in there. For my own body fat % more than business sense. Having that thing in my garden is doing me absolutely no favours from an athletic point of view. It's doing me wonders for morale however.

Our practice gig went pretty spot on too. We did a custom menu for a small street party wanting 5 pizzas. Which was as follows:

Margherita - The staple of all pizzas. Nowhere to hide here! Just our Slice Slice Baby dough, homemade pizza sauce, a sprinkling of parmesan, mozzarella and fresh basil.

The Cure - The King of Cured meats. Parma Ham, Salami, and thick cut Chorizo on top of our homemade pizza sauce, with mozzarella and parmesan

The Warrior - The Worcestershire Special. Local Worcester sausage, Worcester goats cheese, and homemade caramelised onions on top of our homemade pizza sauce. (This is a Slice Slice personal favourite!)

Antipasti Pesto Party (V) - (Try saying that after a few wines!) Our delicious 24 hour proved dough, topped with pesto, with an antipasti selection.

The G.O.A.T (V) - Our homemade pizza sauce, with local Worcester Goats cheese, homemade caramelised onions and fresh basil.

We got fantastic reviews which I was absolutely ecstatic about, as I cocked up 3 attempted pizzas whilst doing it. (We all have to learn somewhere. Lesson 1: Make spare dough. ALWAYS. Lesson 2: The heat and dough are not friends.) I think when we do private events, we may consult the hosts like this, and ask what THEY would like to see on the menu, then do our best to accommodate. Easy enough right?

So its progress if nothing else. Once our licenses come through we will officially be allowed to trade in the public, and will be setting up shop 3 nights a week around Worcester. Its starting to get exciting!!

Thanks to all those who still read this, and to all of you who have been keeping up with our story. I promise you its all gonna kick off very soon.

Until next time!


(P.S. We also changed our domain name. It actually makes sense now. )

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