• Ethan

You Never Sausage A Tasting Day

Sausage = Saw Such? I'm really clinging for puns now.


Yeah good thing this wasn't heavy...

Mid gym session on Wednesday afternoon, I received a phone call to let me know that there was a man, with a van, and a delivery, waiting outside my house. He had a 15 minute window before he had to move on, so needless to say, I had to haul ass. 14 minutes of pretty reckless - I mean - SAFE driving later, I got home and signed for the magnificent beast. Now this thing had more weight behind it than a sumo-owned sushi bar. Seeing as the delivery driver had a pallet jack, a sane mind would think that he'd be willing to help me get it into my back garden, right?

Incorrect. Apparently my front garden was going to be its final resting place as far as he was concerned. Luckily, thanks to some shared workload lifting between a few of the lads (and a few days rest inbetween), the oven was put on its makeshift stand Friday afternoon ready for its first test run!

Please excuse the emojis and such. This was from our instagram story . SliceSliceBabyUK if you're wondering...